Time: 09:30 - 10:30


Inclusion through Appreciative Inquiry – Accentuate the positives! Anita Devi, #TeamADL CIC and Sarah Le-Good, DCG – Derby College Group

Join us to review how we have worked collaboratively to translate the Appreciative Inquiry model into Post 16 provision. The proven impact of AI in the school’s sector, led by Anita and #TeamADL inspired us to extend the model. We have embraced the AI model and shared it with a variety of settings – all of which are using it flexibility, ensuring the mainstays of positivity, simple process and engaging with all stakeholders are adhered to.

Presentation Learning points

  • Appreciative Inquiry to design and inform change, starting with what we do well.
  • Defining Inclusionists – supporting teams to challenge bias and be inclusionist champions
  • Engaging all parties in reviewing provision and co creating change plans and solutions to ensure those with SEND are enabled!

Giving traumatised children an equal chance in school: Rebecca Brooks, Adoption UK

Many care-experienced and adopted children struggle with anxiety, heightened fight-flight-freeze responses, executive functioning difficulties, sensory challenges and other additional needs due to neglect, trauma and chaotic early life experiences. They are more likely to have SEND, more likely to be excluded and less likely to achieve to their potential than their peers.

Drawing on Adoption UK research into educational experiences of care-experienced and adopted children and young people and their families, this webinar will explore the impact of early childhood and continuing trauma and adverse experiences on children’s capacity to cope with the educational environment academically, socially and emotionally. It will focus on the powerful impact that the physical environment of the education setting can have on children’s abilities to feel safe, to establish a sense of belonging to the community, and to develop vital skills of self-regulation and independence.

Presentation Learning Points:

  • Understanding the impact of adverse early life experiences on attainment, wellbeing and behaviour across the educational stages
  • Understanding how the physical environment in and out of the classroom can contribute positively and negatively to children’s anxiety and ability to regulate
  • Creating an environment that promotes nurture, feelings of safety and a sense of belonging


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