Including Bright Sparks & Designing for Autism Webinar

Time: 11:00 - 12:00

Date: 15-19 March 2021


Including Bright Sparks: Lyn Kendall, Kendall Tuition & British Mensa Ltd.

Assumptions are made about exceptionally able children that are simply not true. This brief talk will look at the difficulties faced by our bright sparks and how professionals can support their integration into education and personal development.

Taken from my book “A Brilliant IQ – Gift or Challenge”, we shall explore: developmental mismatch, social, emotional and physical development and why academic challenge is essential.

Presentation Learning Points:

  1. The identification of exceptionally able children
  2. The difficulties faced by exceptionally able children
  3. How to support exceptionally able children

Designing for Autism: Creating restorative spaces to study, live and play: Claire Mantle, ADP



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