Housing & Transition

Time: 11:00 - 12:00

Date: Day 2


How higher Education facilities are supporting inclusive enterprise through a presence on the high street

Jon Roylance, Director of Higher Education, ADP Architecture & University of Gloucestershire



Connecting a Community; Social value & impact in education building design

Ruth Hynes, Senior Design Researcher, Atkins

Education buildings play an important role in communities, and can provide amenities and social value through both the design of the building and the construction stages. This session will provide an overview of different tools and approaches to support socially-led designs that enhance social value and the wellbeing of staff, pupils, and the wider community, focussing on how we have used bespoke tools on schools projects including Lisburne SEND school, Stockport and Haverfordwest High VC School, Pembrokeshire. Using our Human Centred Design briefing tool for engaging building users and our Urban Community Index to develop Local Needs Analysis, we can better understand the needs and challenges of local communities and set a clear design vision with social value for the locality.


Supported Living – can one size fits all?

Claire Barton, Partner, Haverstock


  • Ruth Hynes Associate Design Researcher - Atkins
  • Jon Roylance Director of Higher Education - ADP Architecture & University of Gloucestershire
  • Claire Barton Partner - Haverstock

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