Time: 16:00 - 17:00


Improving access to listening in mainstream schools – a reasonable adjustments approach: Dr Emma Greenland, Anderson Acoustics

Listening is one of the most important activities within a school. If the acoustic environment is poor, pupils struggle to understand and retain information.

People with hearing loss and other special needs have a diverse listening experience and can face barriers in mainstream learning environments.

Designers, architects, teachers, audiologists, parents and local authorities are usually aware that children with special needs should not be disadvantaged by poor classroom acoustics, yet the extent of disadvantage for each type of need is often not well quantified, and there is confusion over when and how to apply enhanced acoustic standards.

Coming out of research and best practice advice in this white paper, we share new data which shows the prevalence of children in mainstream schools who have  special hearing or communication needs (SHCN). We provide practical guidance on how schools and architects can meet their duties to anticipate the needs of children in accordance with key regulations and standards using a ‘reasonable adjustments’ approach.

Acoustics for SEN: Shane Cryer, Saint-Gobain Ecophon & Adrian James, Adrian James Acoustics

Shane Cryer of Saint-Gobain Ecophon and invited guest, expert witness and acoustic consultant, Adrian James, address the current state of building acoustic standards and how they benefit students with hidden disabilities. Their presentation will tackle : what’s happening on the ground, are all SEN students’ needs the same and top tips for inclusive design.



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