Building Better Futures

Time: 16:00 - 17:00

Date: Day 1


Building Better Futures | Improving the pathway for design and delivery of SEND schools


Peter Whitmore, Managing Director – East, Morgan Sindall

Steve Holt, Head of Operations, Morgan Sindall Construction

Claire Barton, Partner, Haverstock

Having completed a number of SEND schools, the Morgan Sindall Construction team frequently came up against the question; what makes a great SEND school? Deciding to delve deeper into the sector and explore all angles of delivery, from concept to colour scheme, the team decided to commission an in-depth qualitative study.

Bringing together experts from the public and private sectors to look at the factors that make up a truly great SEND school and examine how the delivery pathway could be enhanced to secure improved outcomes for every young person with SEND. The Better Futures white paper was born.

Claire Barton feedback

Learning Points:

• How to improve the pathway for design and delivery of SEND schools
• The importance of POEs and how they influence the onward journey
• How deeper and wider stakeholder collaboration has achieved the best results


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