Author: stepsmiller

Roundtable Review: Inclusive Design

This Roundtable took place on 18 March 2021 This roundtable discussed inclusive design and how it can enhance opportunities for community engagement, particularly for those with special education needs (SEN). Design, Review, Refine The design process can often be difficult, particularly in education settings housing a spectrum of needs. From the outset, involving the right… Read more »

Similarities and Differences – Project Comparison of Two Leading SEN Facilities

This webinar took place on 17 March 2021 Vanguard and Cleeve Meadow are special education needs (SEN) schools designed by Pozzoni Architecture and built by Galliford Try. Pozzoni adopt three principles when designing SEN schools: reducing anxiety; responding to heightened senses; and providing a safe and functional learning environment. Although the schools shared similar briefs… Read more »

Inclusive Learning Environments for 16 to 25 Year Olds

This article discusses key thoughts extracted from the ‘Inclusive Learning Environments for 16 to 25 Year Olds’ Roundtables which took place on Friday 18 December 2020 and Friday 22 January 2021. Only when we understand the purpose of something do we begin to grasp the benefits it can bring to day-to-day life. The current pandemic… Read more »